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Smaller members of the pigeon family are often referred to as Doves. The names dove and pigeon can be used interchangeably.

european turtle dove - European Turtle Doves are very popular amongst novices because they are very hardy and easy to keep. They have black and light brown markings on the wings and back in a pattern similar to a turtle's shell. Their heads are blue-grey with a black and white neck patch, pale pink breast and white belly. They have a very soft coo. [more info / see breeders]

inca dove - Inca Doves are a very hardy bird that is well suited for extreme temperatures. When the temperature drops they will huddle togethor to keep warm. They have a distinctive fish scale pattern on their breast, head and back feathers. Inca doves seem to thrive around humans. [more info / see breeders]

mourning dove - Mourning doves have black beaks and are usually grayish brown, and may have thin necks with purple or green sheens. The lower area of the neck is accented with a black marking. The wings are usually dark brown with black spots in the front. They have a long tail that is dark brown except for the feathers at the outer tip are edged in white. [more info / see breeders]

ring neck dove - The ring neck dove is very popular because they have a very beautiful and aerodynamic form and an amusing call. The are sometimes called laughing doves because their call can be described as Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha. [more info / see breeders]

white wing dove - The easiest way to recognize this Dove is by it's distictive "who cooks for you" call.[more info / see breeders]