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European Turtle Dove

Family - Dove

Nick Names - Common Turtle Dove, Turtle Dove, Isabelline Turtle Dove

Description - European Turtle Doves are very popular amongst novices because they are very hardy and easy to keep. They have black and light brown markings on the wings and back in a pattern similar to a turtle's shell. Their heads are blue-grey with a black and white neck patch, pale pink breast and white belly. They have a very soft coo.

Temperament - Dove's in general don't like to be touched.

Sexing - ???

Origin - Wild Turtle Doves spend summers mainly southern and eastern England, and migrate to Africa in the winter.

Trainability - Not trainable.

Loudness - very low


Turtle doves like to eat seed off of the ground they also like live food from time to time.

Desired Cage size - Minumum cage size. outdoor medium to large flight cage.

Length: 10-11 inches
Life span: up to 35 years in captivity