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Inca Dove

Family - Dove

Nick Names - ???

Description - Inca Doves are a very hardy bird that is well suited for extreme temperatures. When the temperature drops they will huddle togethor to keep warm. They have a distinctive fish scale pattern on their breast, head and back feathers. Inca doves seem to thrive around humans.

Temperament - Dove's in general don't like to be touched.

Sexing - ???

Origin - Wild Inca Doves live in urban and suburban settings, woodland edges, savannahs, thickets and around cultivated fields in south-central Texas, Arizona and New Mexico as well as old Mexico and as far south as Costa Rica.

Trainability - Not trainable.

Loudness - very low


Wild seeds, grain, and cracked corn.

Desired Cage size - Minumum cage size. outdoor medium to large flight cage.

Length: 9-10 inches
Life span: unknown