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Timheh African Greys

Family - Parrot

Nick Names - African Grey Timneh

Description - Timneh African Greys are becoming very popular pets because of their talking ability and willingness to interact with guests. They have grey bodies and wings, maroon tail feathers, bare skin patches around their eyes, and horn colored upper beak. Timheh African Greys are highly intelligent and talkative birds. Timheh African Greys require regular interaction with their owners and enjoy a strict routine.

Temperament - Due to the extreme intelligence of all African Greys the temperment of each individual bird can vary dramatically. Your African Grey's temperment will depend on his genetic disposition and his environment (particularly in early development). Some breeder raise their baby african greys with their cockatoos babies to encourage a friendlier disposition. The temperment of your African Grey depends on "nature and nuture", the genetic nature of your Grey and how your Grey is/was nutured.

Sexing - The only way to be absolutely sure about the sex of your Grey is DNA testing or finding an egg in the cage. Usually the male african grey has a flatter, wider head and is a little bigger in size than the female. The female usually has a longer, thinner neck.

Origin - Wild timneh african greys are found in the forested plains of equatorial Africa.

Trainability - African Grey's are about as trainable as a very young child. Their extreme intelligence and manual dexterity makes them capable of doing an amazing number of tricks, but their high intelligence makes them very much like small children who can be difficult to motivate to do tricks. If loved and left to it's own devices your African Grey will perform many tricks on her own (call the dog, simulate door bells, simulate the microwave, simulate the phone and a one sided phone conversation...) with extreme care and loving devotion you can teach some African Grey to do tricks. Greys are very creative, intelligent and attention hungry so a loved one will find ways to amuse you all by themselves.

Loudness - moderate


Your grey needs a wide variety of food. They need pellets and seed mixes, fresh fruits, vegetables, and table food. Your grey will show distinct preferences, but you must take control. A grey will gorge on Sunflower seeds to the neglect of more nutritious food. greys need extra calcium, as they are unable to store it in their bones. Oranges, collard and/or mustard greens, and cooked broccoli are excellent dietary supplements.

Desired Cage size - Minumum cage size. 30"x30"x30" (length X width X height)

Length: 10-11 inches
Life span: 40-65 years