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image by: Gordon the Lutino Obsession Dude
Fischers Lovebird

Family - Parrot

Nick Names - Fischer's Lovebird, Fischers Lovebird

Description - Many people believe Fischer's Lovebirds make wonderful pets because of their natural beauty, clownlike energy, and gentle nature. Most Fischer's Lovebirds are tamed relatively easily especially if they are handraised. In rare cases Fischer Lovebirds have been known to mimic a few words.

Temperament - Fun and joyful with lots and lots of energy.

Sexing - The only way to be absolutely sure about the sex of your Fischer's Lovebird is DNA testing or finding an egg in the cage.

Origin - The continent of Africa

Trainability - Lovebirds are typically loved for their beauty and generally positive attitude. They aren't big on tricks.

Loudness - low


It's best if lovebirds get a wide variety of food. They need pellets and seed mixes, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Desired Cage size - Minumum cage size. 30"x30"x30" (length X width X height) with at least two perches to fly to and from.

Length: 5-6.5 inches
Life span: 10-14 years