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Family - Finch

Nick Names - Scaly-breasted Munia/Mannikin, Nutmeg Finch, Spotted Munia, Spice Bird

Description - Spice Finches have dark brown feathers with a white and brown pattern on their breasts and flanks.

Temperament - Finches don't like to be touched.

Sexing - There is no absolute way to determined sex visually.

Origin - Wild Spice Finches are found in asia.

Trainability - NA.

Loudness - NA.


Finches have very high metabolism. Your finch could starve to death within twenty four hours if your finch doesn't eat. Finches should eat about half grains and half vegatable with some fruits (about 5%). Never feed any Finch anything with caffiene as an ingredient (like chocolate) and dairy products are a bad idea.

Desired Cage size - Your finch needs a relatively large cage because finch are very active. They love to fly so there should be lots of perches throughout the cage. 20"X20"X26" (length X width X height)

Length: about 4 inches
Life span: up to 5 years