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Green Cheeked Conure

Family - Parrot

Nick Names -  

Description - Green Cheeked Conures are very intelligent and loving. Most Green Cheeked Conures can learn a few words and tricks. Green Cheeks have green bodies, green wings, dark heads, gray-green throats and maroon tails.

Temperament - Loving, dedicated and demanding.

Sexing - Can not be determined visually.

Origin - South America.

Trainability - Conures are very trainable.

Loudness - Loud (quite compared to other conures)


Conures should have a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables along with a basic seed mix, and fresh water should always be available.

Desired Cage size - Minumum cage size. 36"x36"x48" (length X width X height)

Length: 9-10 inches
Life span: 20 years