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Black Capped Conure

Family - Parrot

Nick Names -  

Description - Black Capped Conures are the perfect pet for people who love the friendly personality of conures, but find them to be too noisy. Black Capped Conures are very intelligent and loving. Most Black Capped Conures can learn a few words and tricks.

Temperament - Loving, dedicated and demanding.

Sexing - Can not be determined visually.

Origin - Wild Black Capped Conure's are found in Peru.

Trainability - Conures are very trainable.

Loudness - Quite when compared to other conures.


Conures should have a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables along with a basic seed mix, and fresh water should always be available.

Desired Cage size - Minumum cage size. 36"x36"x48" (length X width X height)

Length: 9-10 inches
Life span: 20 years