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Ducorps Cockatoo

Family - Parrot

Nick Names -  Salomonenkakadu

Description - Ducorps's Cockatoos are beautiful, affectionate, and intelligent birds with light pink breast feathers that, with the right environment and plenty of attention can be excellent companions. Citron Cockatoos require extensive attention. They require hugging, petting and must be played with daily by their owners. Please do exensive research about Cockatoos before considering purchasing one.

Temperament - Loving, dedicated and demanding.

Sexing - Can not be determined visually.

Origin - Wild Ducorp's cockatoos are found in the Solomon Islands.

Trainability - Cockatoos are very trainable.

Loudness - quite compared to other cockatoos


Cockatoos should eat pellets, a good mixed parrot seed, green foods, fruit, eggs, and meat.

Desired Cage size - Minumum cage size. 36"x36"x48" (length X width X height)

Length: 12-14 inches
Life span: 50 years