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White Belly Caique

Family - Parrot

Nick Names - White Bellied Caique

Description - White Belly Caiques are outgoing, energetic birds and most people find them to be great around children. White Belly Caiques are small parrots with a helmet of bright orange feathers, a brilliant yellow chin and snowy white breast. White Belly Caiques require a lot of attention.

Temperament - White Belly Caiques are very lively and friendly.

Sexing - Can not be determined visually.

Origin - Wild White Bellied Caiques live in Brazil and parts of Peru and Bolivia.

Trainability - White Bellied Caiques are very intelligent and trainable. Some but not all talk.

Loudness - loud (usually as loud as their environment)


White Bellied Caiques should be fed a basic pellet food supplemented with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with grain and sprouted seeds. They eat fruits, berries, and seeds.

Desired Cage size - Minumum cage size. 24"x24"x24" (length X width X height)

Length: 9 inches
Life span: 30-40 years