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Black Head Caique

Family - Parrot

Nick Names - Black Headed Caique

Description - Black Head Caiques are outgoing, energetic birds and most people find them to be great around children. Black Headed Caiques are small parrots their forehead, crown and nape are black and stand out in stark contrast to the bright green feathers on the back, wing and tail feathers. Their cheeks, throat, thighs and flanks are a bright orange and they have a creamy white abdomen and breast. Black Head Caiques require a lot of attention.

Temperament - Black Head Caiques are very lively and friendly.

Sexing - Can not be determined visually.

Origin - Black Head Caiques live in Brazil and parts of Peru and Bolivia.

Trainability - Black Head Caiques are very intelligent and trainable. Some but not all talk.

Loudness - loud (usually as loud as their environment)


Black-headed Caiques should be fed a basic pellet food supplemented with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with grain and sprouted seeds. They eat fruits, berries, and seeds.

Desired Cage size - Minumum cage size. 24"x24"x24" (length X width X height)

Length: 9 inches
Life span: 30-40 years